Do you have a small scale painting project that would seem a lot less daunting if there were two of you? Perhaps you have been intending to touch up your baseboards or repaint your kids’ old bedrooms. Are your fences faded and tired looking? Maybe the windows throughout your home are in desperate need of re-caulking. This type of task really does not necessitate hiring an entire contracting team, but it can be a challenging job for just one person, especially someone with little painting and odd job experience. M&D Home Repairs and Remodeling has the solution to your problem! Consider hiring a “Painter For A Day” and prepare to be thrilled with what gets accomplished in just eight hours!

Schedule Your “Painter For A Day”

Our “Painter For A Day” service is just what it sounds like – a professional painter will work with you for up to eight hours to help you complete your painting projects. You will be running the show and will delegate tasks to your painter as you have them prioritized. You will benefit from the knowledge and skill of a professional painter without the hassle of hiring a full team unnecessarily.

Just a few of the services we can help you with include:

  • Painting walls or ceilings in one large room or two small rooms
  • Painting a bathroom or kitchen
  • Painting a bedroom or dining room
  • Touching up baseboards and trim
  • Painting accent walls
  • Repairing and repainting ceilings
  • Removing wallpaper
  • Staining a deck or fence
  • Repairing drywall
  • Caulking around windows

And more! You can be sure that whatever your painting or home improvement project entails, our professional painters and contractors have you covered. With our “Painter For A Day” service, you will be amazed at the difference a day can make in beautifying your Northern Virginia home. Contact us today to schedule your “Painter For A Day”!

How Our “Painter For A Day” Service Works

Let M&D Home Repairs and Remodeling assist in your home improvement enterprise by sending out a “Painter For A Day”. Instead of project based, this popular service is determined by time. You will work with a professional painter for a day to complete your smaller painting related tasks. Because this is a timed service, it will be important for you to prioritize your tasks so that your painter can work to complete the most important items on your list first. If at the end of the day all of your tasks have not been completed and your projects require additional labor, we will do our best to schedule additional time for you on a high-priority basis. Upon arrival of your “Painter For A Day”, you will meet and discuss specifics of what you want done and the logistics of how the day will proceed. Things you will want to discuss include your job priorities, security instructions, restroom preferences, availability of a work sink, and your availability for the day. As soon as these administrative particulars are established, your painter will get to work, skillfully and efficiently revamping your home!

Why Choose M&D Home Repairs and Remodeling?

Since 2010, M&D Home Repairs and Remodeling has been servicing the painting and home renovation needs of our Northern Virginia clients. Whether your project calls for a team of professional painters or simply an extra set of hands for a scaled-down set of tasks, our professional painters will tackle the job and impress you with our quality service and a truly stunning finished product. You will see our passion for home improvement come through in our work. In fact, Angie’s List has recognized us as Best Service Provider in several areas, including Interior & Exterior Painting, Wallpaper Removal, Drywall Repair, and Pressure Washing. We can use eco-friendly materials, so you can trust that only the best products will be used in your home. When you choose to team up with M&D Home Repairs and Remodeling, you can rest assured your project is in good hands. We make it our priority to finish each and every project on time, within your budget, and done to your complete satisfaction.

Contact Us for a Consultation Today

We would love to begin working with you on improving your Northern Virginia home. Call us to schedule a meeting today. Whatever your painting tasks involve, let us provide you with professional, affordable painting and remodeling assistance. Please get in touch with us for a consultation to evaluate your painting needs and answer any questions you have about our “Painter For A Day” Service. We look forward to working with you!