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Photo by Moss Building and Design 

When you think of a typical basement remodel do the words ‘bright’ or ‘open’ come to mind? We’re willing to bet they aren’t! After all, basements are more commonly associated with having little or no natural light. But with a little planning and careful attention to paint color and materials, you can have a refinished basement that feels as bright and welcoming as any other space in your home.

Planning Ahead to Maximize Light

If you’re starting with a completely blank canvas or have the option of moving walls from a previous remodel, now is the perfect time to consider how to maximize any natural light your basement receives. An open floor plan is a great way to allow light to reach every corner of your basement and keeps the space from feeling closed off.

Basement Remodel

Incorporating plenty of recessed lighting is another great trick to make your basement feel as bright as possible. A good contractor will be able to calculate how many recessed lights should be used and where to place them for the best effect. In addition to brightening your living space, recessed lighting also offers the benefit of being flush with the ceiling. Unlike other light fixtures, like pendants or flush mounts, that can make a low ceiling feel even lower, recessed lighting saves precious headspace and provides you with the most flexibility for arranging your furniture.

Choose Reflective Materials

Any surface the reflects light back into your basement will make the space feel brighter. So consider flooring options like tile or laminate to maximize the reflective surfaces. Painting trim and doors in a high-gloss white is another way to up the shine factor in your basement. And once you’re past renovations and onto decorating, incorporating mirrors and other reflective decorative objects is a great trick to visually open the space up further.

Pick Colors and Paint Finishes Strategically

While we recommend a glossy finish for doors and trim, your basement’s ceiling should always be painted in a flat finish. A flat, white paint usually looks best and keeps lower ceilings feeling bright without drawing the eye upward. If you really want to maximize that light and open feeling, consider painting your walls close in color to your ceilings. You don’t have to feel limited to white walls, but a lighter shade of color will keep your basement feeling its brightest.

Let Us Help with Your Basement Remodel

We know the process of planning and executing a full basement remodel can be overwhelming, and that’s why we are here to help make your renovation as enjoyable and stress-free as we possibly can. If you live in the Northern Virginia area and are considering remodeling your basement, give us a call today to schedule a consultation.