Five Ways to Refresh Your House for Spring

Spring is the time of the year when you need to begin your outdoor chores. Since winter leaves behind moist areas and a few damages, it is your job –as a house owner- to pay attention to the exterior of you house. Lucky for you, here are the top home maintenance tips that you need to keep in mind.

1.    Inspection

The first home maintenance tip is inspection. The reason why you must inspect is so that you can determine all the damages that have been made and all the things that need to get fixed. This home maintenance tip for spring will allow your house to look as fresh as the weather.

2.    Garden Prepping & Pruning

This home maintenance tip for spring will make sure your trees look healthier and greener. As a responsible homeowner, it is your job to remove all damaged and dead leaves from your trees so you can start planting more flowers and trees.

3.    Power Washing Deck and Siding

This home maintenance tip is a given. If you have not been out for a long time that could only mean one thing. It means that you need to start power washing your deck and make sure all the leftover residue from the month before gets wept off successfully.

4.    Touch-Up Painting

Through the course of the year, the exterior part of your house goes through many changes. There is a possibility that the paint might have shed off from a couple of places, therefore, the major home maintenance tip for spring you must remember is painting the exterior.

5.    Window Cleaning

Once you have gotten everything off your shoulder, you need to pay attention to your windows. This home maintenance tip will allow your house to give off a cleaner vibe.

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